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The good times in High school are almost over… It’s time for you to think about your future and decide which academic pathway you want to choose which will help you achieve your goals for a future career.

The time has arrived to choose a program that will keep you busy for the coming years!

You are stuck deciding between many offers of programs, universities and locations. You still feel young and you’re scared by the seriousness of the choice. You would like to attend a cool program, which will develop all your dreams, but you still have no precise idea on what’s perfect for you. You would like to learn a subject which will develop your skills in an international environment and you feel attracted by the international environment our universities share with students from all over the world.

And then… Suddenly… You find this brochure saying:

Earn your Bachelor's in Business Administration!

You start to look for extra information and you discover where it is located (plus points if it’s in a beautiful city, the classes are all held in English by international and qualified professors, and said classes are based on an international student multi-cultural diversity. You have always been interested in business affairs since you were younger, therefore you feel like a “natural born leader”. And you think… Why not?

So many questions are coming to your mind at this point! Let’s go through some of them.

Why should I study business

Is it desirable nowadays to earn a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration?

The answer is YES

A Bachelor's degree in Business Administration can be the best way to start a brilliant career as an important member of the managing team in an international firm or corporation. If you are looking for a broad business perspective, a focus on diverse business issues and potential multiple career pathways, this is definitely the right degree for you!

What do you mean by Business Administration?

Let’s have a look at what Business Administration means. As the name indicates, it is the administration of a business. Broadly speaking, it is a role of management, including all the aspects of the supervision of business operations, decision making, problem solving, analytical and critical thinking, communication skills, organization of the teams and making them focus on a common goal, and associated fields such as finance, accounting and marketing.


Why is a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration convenient?

Let’s firstly look at the abbreviation BBA. What does it mean?

BBA = Bachelor's degree in Business Administration

To help you in understand the benefits you will have in choosing a BBA, we have made up a list of the 5 most valued advantages.

1. Internationally recognized

Why is the BBA degree internationally recognized?

A Bachelor's degree in Business Administration is available in many countries. It’s one of the few degrees that can be taught and studied in the same way in any country. The reason for this is that these courses address business issues, which tend to have a universal nature and can be directly, or generally, applied to all international fields. Nowadays, corporations tend to make business deals all over the world using the universal language of business. And, of course, the main focus of a BBA is to learn this universal language of business!

Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration 1

2. Diverse and versatile

What do “diverse and versatile” mean?

A Bachelor's degree in Business Administration comprehends most of the management degrees because it focuses on the essential elements of business. It is an excellent starting point in the challenging, dynamic and sometimes scary (okay, I will stop with these encouraging words, but be ready for the real world!) world of business administration! The BBA degree helps students in building their own skills in fields like:

  • Business operations
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Strategy
  • Business policy
  • Communication

It also gives you an insight on the leadership and management skills used in running a company. These skills can be either target-oriented or applicable to any environment. 

Find out if a Bachelor's of Business Administration is what you're looking for

3. Practical application

Is a BBA degree relevant to real-life cases?

The BBA classes are based on case studies of real firms and corporations, so that students can experience the real business world. Moreover, the class is usually composed by up to 15 students, promoting an active and motivational environment. The students are usually divided into teams and need to collaborate and directly apply the skills they are learning. Many programs also include internships, firm visits and interaction with experts from different corporations.

Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration 2

4. Access to better jobs and salaries

Do BBA graduates have more chances to find a good job?

BBA graduates have a greater chance of finding a better job in a wide range of careers and salaries because of the diverse and versatile nature of a Business Administration program. The skills and knowledge they gain are usually evaluated positively by corporations. A BBA graduate’s salary is above the average salary.

And last but not least…

5. Easier access to an MBA

You should not forget that a BBA is a starting point which can lead you to a higher degree.

It gives you more chances to get access to a MBA. What is an MBA? It is the most common abbreviation for a Master’s degree in Business and Administration and it is not only a certificate. An MBA increases your chances to become a leader each year more people apply for these. Of course, you can get access to an MBA with a normal BBA, but why not choose a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, which will give you complete knowledge of the field for your future career?

To sum up: the answer to the initial question, if now is the perfect time to earn a BBA, is YES. Do you agree with us?

If you want to develop your managerial and communication skills, as well as your business decision-making and leadership abilities, then you will find out that the Bachelor's degree in Business Administration fits for you and your future career. It will give you a broad knowledge of the important aspects of a company and its interconnections, and it will also give you the chance to choose the pathway that suits you better.

No matter which career you have decided to pursue, the BBA gets you ready for an ever-changing world!

Are you ready to become part of something bigger than yourself?


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