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Doctorate of business administration

Imagine for a second that you have a bachelor's degree in business administration, and you know exactly what you want in life. You want to become a business leader, or you want to move up


in the business world until you’re sat at the very top, looking down on all those below you. It’s a pretty picture, right? The main problem is breaking through the ceiling which was built to keep people like you underneath the true leaders of business. This is a problem, but no problem is impassable.

 Now imagine that you don’t care about limitations, and for you the sky's the limit. If that is the case, then one of the main benefits of a doctorate of business administration (DBA) is that it allows you to punch a hole through this ceiling, and come out on top. That is because a DBA is the highest level of qualification available, and will show potential and current employers that you’re willing to go the extra distance, both for yourself, and for the good of the company. So, what are the advantages?


1. Stand out - DBAs are more highly thought of than MBAs - This is the main benefit of a doctorate in business administration

Standing out is perhaps one of the most difficult parts of applying for a job. I remember the frustration of creating a CV, and at one point putting a picture of my cat in my CV, purely to help me stand out. How can you show that you’re better than the rest of them? It’s such a daunting task, when you’re fully aware of the never-ending list of applicants for any decent position. Sometimes you just want to give it all up, and accept that you’re not destined for a better job.


Shine bright like a diamond

When applying for a job, your only real hope of standing out is to have better qualifications that the other people applying, and that is exactly what studying for a DBA will allow you to do. Let’s be honest, the percentage of people who have Masters in business administration is a lot higher than the percentage of people who have doctorates. Hence, if you’re willing to put the extra effort in for your own education, this will have a knock-on effect into your professional life also.


2.Open up potential career paths which you weren’t qualified for before

Knowing what you want in life early on can be challenging, and maybe you don’t have the qualifications to try something that you’d really love to try. It can be frustrating when you want to go into a field, but don’t have the qualifications for it.


What if?

Who knows? After qualifying in your doctorate in business administration, you could suddenly find yourself qualified for a job you didn’t even dream of having beforehand. This is another one of the benefits of studying a doctorate in business administration, it opens up potential routes which you did not know about, or were not qualified for, before you took the new qualification. The types of careers people go into with these qualifications are:

  • Business
  • Government
  • Education
  • Non-profit
  • Healthcare


Leading into roles such as:

  • Account managers
  • Advertising managers
  • Finance officers
  • Business analysts
  • Human resources managers
  • Office administrators
  • Professor

3. Never stop your own personal growth - Learn the skills you need for the future

Stagnation is a terrible scourge on the world of business. You probably feel stuck, and like there’s no way to move forward with your life. You hit all the targets, but never manage to pass through to a management position.

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Stop the stagnation

In the world of business, it is important not to stagnate. If you stagnate, and refuse to adapt and to add new skills, you may find yourself stuck in the same place for a long time. Nobody wants to be working in a dead end job their entire life. If you’re on this page already, you’re most likely an ambitious person. Ambitious people certainly don’t want to be stuck in the same place their entire lives, and doing a doctorate in business administration allows you to broaden your horizons, and adds another notch to your belt. Gaining this qualification allows your own personal development, as the course gives you a massive amount of information which can be applied both to your personal and your professional life. You can expect a DBA to have the following topics covered:

  • Business and management theory - focusing on modern management, business practice, and leadership.
  • Research principles - Finding key objectives, researching how to deliver, and solving organizational challenges.
  • Research methods - How to carry out the vital research for business, project management, data collection, and ethical research.
  • Issues and concerns in a modern context - Modern business is complicated, and many challenges are uniquely faced by modern businesses.


4. Studying abroad can open your mind

Even if you’re the most strident patriot to have ever walked the earth, you would still be able to see the advantages of studying abroad. Experience a new culture, learn a new language, meet new people from all over the world, the list is endless. Not only this, but some of the best schools and universities in the world may be abroad. Broaden your mind and broaden your CV, reap the benefits of a doctorate of business administration by studying abroad. But how do you benefit from a study abroad program?


  • Travel the world and see some of the sights
  • Experience a foreign culture, its traditions, and a different way of life
  • Spend time living without your family, learn to be independent, grow up, change your mindset
  • Become a citizen of the world, accept that some cultures may do things better than yours
  • Learn to innovate by seeing the world through a different culture lense
  • You can study at an international business school.


Find out if a Bachelor's of Business Administration is what you're looking for


5. Increase your salary

Money, money money. Ain’t it funny? Well, it is if you have enough of it. Working for less than you’re worth is one of the most frustrating things in a professional context. It can be infuriating when you’re making less than you deserve.


Prove your worth

This is one of the advantages of gaining any qualifications, and is equally a huge benefit of a doctorate in business administration. Don’t hold yourself back, and don’t undersell yourself. Prove your worth, by showing true, strong qualifications.


6. Kill many birds with one proverbial stone

Gaining a doctorate in business administration has a huge range of benefits. One qualification gives you such a huge number of rewards, which have been summed up in this article. You’re gaining every single one of these advantages. But the main thing to remember is that you’re also developing yourself, and giving yourself new skills. These skills will be vital in your professional life, and they will stay with you forever. They give you a foundation to build upon, and this foundation will be the very essence of your professional career. Regardless of what field you go into, whether you start your own company or work for another, gaining a qualification such as the DBA is a gift that keeps on giving, just ensure that you have the gift in the first place.


7. Everyone has a degree these days

The percentage of people going to colleges and universities has been steadily rising for the past tens of years. This has caused a saturation in the market, as more people than ever before have good qualifications. This is a growing problem, and without a strong global economy, there can be problems ahead. Stay ahead of the curve by gaining a solid qualification which will allow you to push competitors aside. You are a talented candidate, prove it.


8. Teach others to win

Maybe you don’t want to work for a company, but you have the knowledge to be a winner. Another reason to gain this qualification is that you can impart this knowledge onto others. DBA students can attempt to find work in the academic field, and the knowledge you have learnt from this course can be shared with others.


9. Benefits of a doctorate of business administration versus a PhD

Everyone has heard of a PhD. Not everyone has heard of a DBA. Why would you pick something which not everyone has heard of over something that everyone has heard of?


PhD vs. DBA

Well, the fact is, both of these qualifications allow you to place the prefix Dr. before your name. This not only feels really cool, it also shows the level of your qualification, without even having to tell people it. A DBA is much more practice orientated, whereas a PhD is all about the research. However, unlike a PhD, you may need many years of professional experience before you can even get onto a DBA course. Both a PhD and a DBA can earn you a position as a faculty member.


10. Doctorates in business administration are an investment for the future

The initial cost of a DBA may seem expensive, although for a qualification of this level they’re really not, the fact of the matter is that it will pay itself back quickly and easily. The increase in salary you have the potential to receive from the ability to put Dr. in front of your name, as well as generally being much better qualified, will pay for itself within a few years. Not only this, but the job satisfaction you will receive by working at the level that you are supposed to be working at, will mean that you will move further and further up, and the initial investment should eventually feel like nothing.


So, what are the main benefits of a doctorate of business administration?

To sum up the main advantages of studying a DBA quickly and easily, the main points of this article have been listed below:


  1. Stand out from the crowd - Honestly the most important thing in today’s over-qualified world.
  2. Open up your full potential - If you feel stuck or stagnant and want to move to the next level, a DBA is a fantastic way of doing this.
  3. Develop yourself - Gaining new qualifications is not only about being more qualified, it’s also about learning new things. Use the things you learn in your everyday business and personal life.
  4. Studying abroad can open your mind - Maybe you will discover that you love another country so much, you want to move there.
  5. Increase your salary - Although not the most important thing, an increase in prospective salary means that you can not only live a more comfortable life, but also begin to save and invest in other things.
  6. DBA or PhD? - Get the practise you need, and start developing yourself for the future.A PhD is almost pure research, whereas a DBA tends to have a lot more of a practical side to it. Let’s be honest, practise makes perfect in the world of business.Why should you study business