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Business school requirements 1

Don’t worry-be happy!

This should be not only a famous song most of us know by heart, but also a slogan for our lives. Don’t worry-be happy! Sometimes this is quite hard to transmit this mind setting to a challenging situation. On each crossroad we stay, there are always tough decisions to make and hurdles to take. Whether you plan to change your job, get married, move somewhere or start a study program, there are thousand things to consider and this can be quite overwhelming. Many people in this situation find themselves rolling around in their beds at night, being afraid of taking the right path.

Unfortunately we cannot help you if it comes to the marriage question (sorry for that), but we are pleased to guide you safe and warm through the jungle of business school requirements. And this is exactly what every reliable business school should offer you to make your nights peaceful again: information!

You need information to have an overview what is possible and what is not, to be confident and relaxed. Of course you also have to do your homework, so take your time to create a questionnaire with all possible thoughts which come into your mind related to your business school application. Your personal questionnaire should include the following points:

1 - What are the academic prerequisites?

To start a business school program, you have to have a specific degree which depends on the program you attend to start. We don’t have to tell you that it’s senseless to apply for a BBA program if you can only show an elementary school graduation. Clear thing!

2 - Which language skills are required?

If the school of your dreams requires a sound command of a foreign language, you should also know how you have to proof your skills. Ask if you need to provide a special certificate or to do a test.

3 - What are the intake dates?

The more intake dates a business school offers, the more flexible you are. It is by far more relaxing to start a program that has monthly intakes.

4 - How much are the tuition fees?

Money, money, money…you can call yourself a lucky fellow if the money question is not important to you. But for the rest of us: don’t forget to ask for a detailed enumeration of ALL costs. Don’t start making a party without knowing all numbers and read the fine print! For example books, materials or copy money can be very expensive overall and are most likely not included in the tuition fee. You should also ask about the possibility to do the payment in installments.

5 - What kind of personal support does the school offer?

Whether you plan to study abroad or around the corner, you will be alone at the beginning. Your time at the business school can be stressful, so having a supportive and friendly environment around you will become important for you. You want to be supported by faculty as well as staff members. Essentially, you would like to mean more to the school than a number - and you deserve it! Go and ask for a contact person on the campus. You need someone you can rely on during the application process and later on during your studies.

You can expand the questionnaire with as many question as you like until you have the feeling of security. Business schools need to have customers (=students) and will be delighted to answer to all of your questions. And if not - you know that it’s not the right school for you!

As we cannot talk for other business schools, we will talk about the application procedure from a school that we know best, a business school that stands for a high quality standard and outstanding business programs - we will talk about ourselves! What a surprise! So let’s go straight to the point and talk about the business school requirements and how to apply to SSM programs.

As each program is different, it also has other requirements. In order not to overwhelm you, we will focus on the most popular programs today.

Business school requirements

BBA program at SSM

Our Bachelor Degree Program has a duration of three years. Over the time of three years, you will be earning three certificates.

1 - Diploma of Business Administration: equivalent to the first year of study

The business school requirements:

Students seeking admission to the Diploma in Business Administration program must have completed their secondary education equivalent to:

  • Swiss Matura, German Abitur, French Baccalaureate, English ‘A’ levels or Italian Liceo
  • International Baccalaureate, a US High School Diploma, or equivalent
  • Certificate in Administrative Management (Level 3)
  • Sound command of English; spoken and written

Time for completion and start of the program:

There are several opportunities to start the program over the academic year. Just get in contact with our friendly SSM staff members to find out when is the next intake.

2 - Higher Diploma of Business Administration: equiv. to the second year of study

The requirements:

Students seeking admission to the Higher Diploma in Business Administration program must have completed their first year of university/college studies equivalent to:

  • One year of undergraduate Business Administration (Level 4 or equivalent) studies at a reputable university
  • SSM Diploma in Business Administration
  • Sound command of English: spoken and written

Time for completion and start of the program

There are several opportunities to start the program over the academic year. Just get in contact with our friendly SSM staff members to find out when is the next intake.

3 - Bachelor of Business Administration: Final accredited Degree

The requirements:

Students seeking admission to the final year of the Bachelor of Business Administration Degree must have:

  • Completion of the SSM Higher Diploma in Business Administration
  • Two years of undergraduate Business Administration (Level 5 or equivalent) studies at a reputable university
  • Students must be fluent in English

Time for completion and start of the program

The final year (third year) of the Bachelor of Business Administration has only one intake: September. The duration is of one academic year.

Holding a Bachelor Degree, will allow you to enroll in any Master program offered by universities. You will also be fully entitled to enter without entry examination into our Master of Business Administration program, which will for sure change your life.

Download the BBA Program

MBA program at SSM

The full-time MBA can be completed within 4 academic terms which equals a full academic year. You can choose a specialization in the following subjects:

  • Global Management and Leadership
  • Finance
  • Human Resource Management
  • Luxury Management
  • Marketing
  • Entrepreneurship

During your studies, you can also opt to go for the Dual MBA or Capital MBA, which we offer in collaboration with the prestigious University INSEEC in Paris or Rome.

Time for completion and start of the program:

The SSM offers monthly intakes into the MBA program from September until April.

The requirements:

  • Candidates seeking admission to the MBA program should hold a Bachelor’s degree or relevant Undergraduate degree.
  • All MBA candidates must have a sound command of the English language; both spoken and written.
  • Work-Experience is not necessary.
  • The final decision concerning the acceptance in the MBA degree program rests with Swiss School of Management.

Application procedures for all programs:

  1. Fill out the entire SSM application form electronically
  2. Safe the form (word document!)
  3. Send the word document to info@ssmrome.com
  4. Pay the application fee after receiving an email from SSM stating we have received
    your application.
  5. Scan and email: all university transcripts (copies), all degree certificates/diplomas (copies) and electronic passport Photo to info@ssmrome.com
  6. Send the following original documents via mail: application form and application attachments, copy of original transcripts, official degree certificates/diplomas

In every case, please keep in mind that your application is basically the first impression you give from yourself. Like for a job application, this first impression can already decide whether you get the seat at the school or not. So check if you provided all required documents, filled the application form out properly and submitted the application to the correct email and mail addresses.

Your success story just started, so don’t worry - be happy! 

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