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We often read the news, articles on social media, or even watch movies portraying stories about the struggle immigrants may face while trying to look for a better future

The story of Mahmoud Alawi is proof that with hard work, commitment and a lot of courage, the power to change your destiny lies within your handsEscaping from the war in Syria, Mahmoud managed to enter Italy and, today, he is one of the pupils of the Bachelor’s Business Administration program at the Swiss School of Management.

His story is incredible, and we are lucky that he has decided to tell us all about it! Without further ado, let’s hear what he has to tell us about struggling to reach your goals.


The story of Mahmoud Alawi

My name is Mahmoud Alawi. I am a 25-year-old guy who has recently, and finally, reached the ladder of success.

Since the day I crossed the borders of my beloved country, Syria, I have walked through paths that were very long, dangerous, confusing and challenging, but at the end build up to where I am at the moment.

It all started when I dropped out of university and travelled to Egypt, to escape the current war. In Egypt, I had my first work experience as a salesman in an international exhibition, where I worked for 1 year. Due to the lack of opportunities and the unsatisfactory living conditions in Egypt, I thought about traveling abroad where I could have a better life.

This was the turning point in my life

The experience I went through, traveling from Egypt in a wooden boat with 400 other people, crossing seas to reach my destination, was life-threatening. I was already a different person when I arrived in Italy, because of the previous occurrences.

At first, I thought my arrival to Europe was the beginning of a new chapter, but soon I started to believe that this wasn’t the case. It actually took me 5 years to begin a new chapter, or pick up a new thread, as they say. These 5 years consisted of learning Italian, working in different jobs, completing documentation, and basically stabilizing myself and my life.

Since I was fully independent, it was very challenging to achieve a stable life in the capital of Italy. However, after a lot of hard work and consistency, I was finally able to set a foot on the ground and start looking for the next big thing to do in order to go on with my life. Of course, during these years, I was longing to complete my education and earn a Bachelor degree, in order to develop my knowledge and be qualified for the start of my proper career.

Once I had enough money to cover my living expenses, and more, I immediately looked for a suitable accredited and well-known university offering courses in the field of Business. That's when I found the Swiss School of Management, and I can say with great confidence that I am really glad I came across it in my research and that I chose to attend it.




Once I started my studies, I learned that education is worth all the time and money of a person, since the outcome of earning a degree makes a person benefit way more. SSM provided a lot to me, which I will be forever grateful and thankful for:

  • Firstly, their absolute understanding of my conditions and their kind personal cooperation with me through my studies has been inspiring.

  • Secondly, their very strong and organized curriculum has benefitted me, especially as I am studying and working at the same time, so I get to apply the things I learn in my workplace and see their effectiveness.

  • In addition, their extracurricular activities include attending and participating in international conferences abroad, which definitely enhances our networking within the field. Their motivating staff pushes us to fulfill our potential even in the smallest tasks, and their learning friendly campus, and its great location, has made it easier for students to find places to study, being able to reach the campus very conveniently.

  • Finally, the main reason which leads me to thank SSM is for providing me with the opportunity to belatedly finish the first step into reaching my career goals and dreams.”


Today, Mahmoud has earned his Diploma in Business Administration, completing the first year towards his Bachelor’s degree. This inspiring story should truly act as a lesson to all of us, as believing is achieving, and that is what Mahmoud has proved through his years of struggle.

We look forward to start the coming academic year, having such an iconic student as part of the SSM family. We are extremely proud of you, Mahmoud, keep up the good work and keep your head high!


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