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Let’s say that you are working in a very famous, growing company, but you feel like something more can be done. You think that you are pretty good at your job, because you have studied and worked hard to achieve this level. You attended one of the best universities in your area and you had an amazing and enriching experience abroad, which gave you a baggage of experience and skills. But, again, you feel like that something can be improved.

We all know that life is a never-ending journey and we will never stop learning.

You have always been very competitive since you were a child. You reached a very satisfying level, but...Now you feel like you are in deadlock. Why would you stop here? You are still in the best years of your life, you are young, full of energy and competitive. So, don’t stop here.

Do the best you can to grow up, to enrich yourself and to achieve the best result of your life. The one that will make you say <<I’m reaching the top, I can consider myself fulfilled. This is what I have always dreamed and wanted>>.

You have finally taken the decision to start your own activity. You have found the courage at the end. Because we all know that it is sometimes necessary to take risks and be courageous in order to achieve the result you are looking for. But we all also know that sometimes this is not enough. You need knowledge and experience.

The question is: which is the best way to gain knowledge and experience? A leadership development program is the best option, for sure!

What is a leadership development program?

It is a specialization program, which creates the leaders of the future through direct case application to the business world. Thanks to highly-qualified and experienced tutors, who are always available to pass them their pluriannual experience, students of this Master program can improve their leadership skills.

The main goal of many leadership development programs is to create the leaders of tomorrow.


How to choose the best leadership development program

What we want to let you with this article are some reading keys, which will help you in choosing the best leadership development program.

As you may know, it is a quite common MBA specialization, so many Universities around the world are offering this program. They offer diverse subjects, so you need to find out which the best one is to pursue your aim. And… How do you find it out? Follow our advices!


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Give also a look to our previous article about the advantages of attending a leadership development program and then come back to check our advices out!

We have compiled a list of 4 tips, which are the 4 most important features that a leadership development program should own. We are sure this can help you in discovering the world of the leadership development programs and which one can suit the best your ideas.



What is the most important thing in choosing the best leadership development program? It’s fixing a goal, pursue your idea about your future career and find the right program to pursue it. You should develop a clear idea about what you want to accomplish in your future, so that you can evaluate the options at best according to your goals. As we have already told you before, the main aim of the leadership development program is to train, to create, and to develop the future leaders:

  • Is it in your future plans to be a leader?
  • Does this fit your ideas and goals?
  • Is this your dream?


Choosing the best leadership development program means evaluating the teaching and learning style that the particular university delivers. You should understand if you are a theory-oriented learner or a practice-oriented learner. What does this mean? A theory-oriented learner is a student, who prefers to sit in a classroom and listen to what the professor explains. This type of student does not love to ask questions and prefers to look for the answers in a book. As a consequent, the student is passive and there is few participation.

If you want to be a leader, forget about all this.

You need to be a practice-oriented learner, who prefers to participate actively to the class through presentations and lots of questions. These help him/her to understand better what he/she is studying and apply directly to his/her experience. This type of student wants results and wants to share with his/her colleagues.



The third point is directly related to the second one. We have said that a leadership development student needs to be practice-oriented. And, how can you pursue this need? You should choose a program that uses real-life case studies application. What do we mean for real-life case studies application? We mean a leadership development program, which is not theory-based, of course! Because it is always based on a real-case study, which you can apply to your own experience and can give you an idea of how things work in the real world, which the difficulties can be, the advantages and disadvantages. How can you pursue this? Through:

  • Real case studies in class
  • Meetings with professionals, who share their experience
  • Well-prepared professional teachers, who are willing to share their knowledge and help you in growing your skills.


The last point is about training and mentorship. It is a hard point because there should be a right balance of training and mentorship in every leadership development program.

First of all… What does “training” mean?

The Cambridge dictionary says:

TRAINING is the process of learning the skills you need to do a particular job or activity”.

So, training is the act of teaching people/students on how things should be done at the present moment.

And… What does “mentorship” mean?

The Cambridge dictionary says:

MENTORSHIP is the activity of giving a younger or less experienced person help and advice over a period of time”.

So, mentorship is the act of helping learners in developing and growing their thinking and skills. It is oriented towards the future.

Well, a leadership development program must own the right balance between these two features: it should train people in the actual moment, but helping and mentoring them towards the future development encouraging them to grow their own ideas and skills.

Said that, how can you discover if the program owns this right balance? Look at the program schedule and ask as many questions as you can to faculty, representative and, most of all, to alumnis, who can give a truly view about the program. 



In this second part, our aim was to give you a direct and real view of how a leadership development program can change your life and we did it through an interview.

We interviewed for you an alumni of one of the famous Business Schools in Rome, who attended an MBA Leadership development program. He gave us some interesting key ideas about these programs. Let us know if you agree with him. What do you think about his experience? Do you share it?


Why did you decide to pursue a leadership development program?

I decided to pursue a Leadership development program because I’ve always enjoyed management and I felt that a leadership course would have enhanced my managerial skills. Nowadays, it is important for managers to also be a good leader and achieve quality results, as competitiveness amongst international companies is very high and good leaders are required for great results. Leadership can not only change your career prospects, but also your life as a whole as it changes the way in which you approach any situations whether it is for your career or in your private life.


What made you choose the institute you attended?

I chose the institute I attended as it adapted to my necessities. Not liking courses online, I preferred attending classes to get a better interaction with people around me, such as the professors and fellow students. The courses were held in the late afternoon, which left me time to keep a full time job while studying. The institute was also well accredited internationally.


How did the leadership course changed your life?

The leadership course helped me focus on my goals. It made me rediscover myself as well as teaching me how to adjust my life, setting my priorities. Not only was it useful for my career, but I have used the knowledge gained from the course also in my private life, and it has been amazing!


What advices would you like to give to potential students?

I would like to tell students that if they have a chance, they should definitely take a leadership course, as it might bring out a side of them that they never knew before. It is good academically as well as socially because good leaders need to understand well how to interact with their teams in order to maximize the result wanted. There are no limits to what a person can achieve, and a leadership course helps you to understand this concept and always aim higher.


In conclusion, one last secret I want to share with you is: go out of your comfort zone!

In choosing a leadership development program, you will develop incredible skills, which will help you in achieving your goals and pursuing your dream job. 

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