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“You cannot dream yourself into a character: you must hammer and forge yourself into one.” -Henry D. Thoreau-

Sorry that we are irritating you by putting the quote at first place today, but trust us, we know what we are doing! For those of you who aren’t into poetry that much, we have to analyse the meaning of this quote.

Even if some of us would never admit it, but for sure every one of us has it, those little secret daydreams. In our childhood and teenager years it was more the dream of being a famous pop star, football player, prima ballerina or actor. With the years the dreams changed into something with a more “rational” character (like being a successful entrepreneur) but they still exist, sometimes even stronger than ever.

Dreams are great! Dreams are important! Never stop dreaming! But dreams can also be frustrating and counterproductive if you spend your whole life running behind a life that you wish it would be yours. To become the character you want to be, you have to aim for it, you have to get your rosy rump out of the couch and work hard for it. For example, if you want to become a famous football player, you have to train hart each and every day, take care of your nutrition, get in contact with the right talent scouts and pray to the universe that you never get injured. This is a fulltime job!

The same if you want to be the next George Clooney. You have to invest a mountain of money in a reputable actor school, you have to work on your voice and your look- and finally you have to run from audition to audition with a microscopically small chance to get a supporting role in a toothpaste commercial. But why the hell are people torturing themselves like this? We will tell you immediately: because from nothing comes nothing! This is valid in every aspects of life.

Leadership development program

It’s crystal clear that the majority of us is not interested in being the football player of the year or the second George Clooney. Neither is not everybody eager to become a CEO, but at least, most of us are interested in taking over a leader role and not being the smallest fish in the business Aquarium! A leader can be the CEO of an organization but also a first year employee who leads his or her team to success behind the scenes. It’s not just the creation of results that makes good leadership. Good leaders are able to deliberately create challenging results by enlisting the help of others.

Now you might asking yourself why we are telling you all those things!

We will tell you why:

  • Because becoming a great leader is a learning process and intense work.
  • Because it is nothing you can achieve by self-studies.
  • Because you need a strong and experienced partner to show you the way and guide you -to your goal.
  • Because we have the right concept to transform your bittersweet daydreams into sweet reality.
  • Because no one is born as a leader.
  • Because we create leaders!

The SSM Leadership development program is designed to awake and empower the leader in each of us and to push youth to succeed. Using fun youth development activities and engaging, research and experienced – base curricula we get students’ attention. Our programs act as vehicles through which we can address the current and evolving needs in this fast changing world: everything from academics to graduation rates to smile quotients. Leadership creates opportunities to bring students’ focus back their academics, life and future.

To fit each ones desire, the SSM offers the following various Leadership development programs, each of them will change your life for sure.

1. The Bridge – Leadership study abroad

The Leadership Study Abroad Program offers a uniquely personalized approach to leadership training. This training, combined with the academic component, you will not find in other study abroad programs. The Study Abroad International Leadership Program is 5 to 89-day program in Rome, Italy. You can earn 15-18 academic credits (credits vary by academic institution). The program offers core classes in leadership and our electives carry a theme of either Business & Communication Skills, Entrepreneurship or Law throughout. This program offers a compact and unified body of courses that will help the student acquire a deeper understanding of leadership, while highlighting some of the challenges arising from globalization. The academic experience of The Bridge – Leadership Study Abroad Program contributes to broadening the horizons of students, and enabling them to make judgments based on a deeper understanding of today’s world.

2. Your personal success profile 

Your Personal Success Profile (PSP) is a process with 5 phases which will guide you through a variety of tasks that you need to accomplish to get closer to your ultimate goal in life, job, health and relationship. This process had been initially developed for our MBA students, getting them ready to enter or upgrade their careers. The program has been continuously expanded to other important areas in a person’s life like: relationships, health, and problem solving, taking new challenges or overcoming the past. PSP will help you determine what you want to achieve in the different components of your life.

Download the BBA Program

3. Summer Study abroad program

Another unique leadership development program is our Summer Study Abroad program. It helps students grow, achieve and become leaders in life and business. During six weeks, students will studying in Rome and then travel to Oxford University, England, to sharpen their critical thinking and writing skills.

Throughout the Rome course

Students will learn how to instantly become a fascinating communicator, how to control speech anxiety and learn the role and utility of business networking. Students will learn about historical Roman leaders and then explore Rome to see how and where they lived. Furthermore they will learn the theories of leadership and see it in action with the Entrepreneurship series. Students will also learn that goodness and profit do not have to be enemies.

Throughout the Oxford course (optional)

Students will pick the topic and an experienced member of the Oxford faculty will provide the reading materials and essay assignments. One-on-one meetings will occur once a week for critical analysis and discussion. Examine the history of the relationships between governments and their foreign policies. Study the history of international business and learn about the leaders who have shaped the modern world.

If we have made you curios about our sophisticated Leadership development programs, then do not hesitate to contact our friendly SSM staff immediately, to get more information about our life changing programs.

Stop dreaming your life and start living your dreams!

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