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My home is my castle!

A statement carved in stone! For sure every one of you heard this saying at least once. My home is my castle! This doesn’t make any sense to you?! Why should a home be a castle? We will answer this question with some counter questions:

  • After a long day at school or work, where do you want to sit back, relax and recharge your batteries for the next day?
  • After a fight with your best friend, boyfriend or boss, where do you want to hide and lick your wounds?
  • After an exhausting gym class, where do you want to rush and take a relaxing bubble bath to recover?

Right-all you want is to go home! You could easily do all those things at a hotel room or a friend’s house as well, but you will most likely always go home. Because your home is more than an address or a building. It’s a familiar place you know by heart, it’s related to memories and stories, it’s an impression of your personality and it’s a place with walls you feel safe in. It’s your castle!!

A home is important because it’s also a place where you can be on your own and furthermore it expresses your lifestyle. This place doesn’t have to have 500sqm or a backyard. A home can also be a cosy room in your parents’ house or in a residential community, and even if you decide that your perfect home is a tent-go for it!

But what happens, if you have decided to leave your castle for a good reason- like starting an academic program at the Swiss School of Management in Rome? Well, first of all: Congratulations to this wise decision!

The SSM is not only famous for its outstanding academic programs and handsome faculty members, but also for the exclusive campus location in the heart of the historical centre of the eternal city. The SSM is located within the campus of the University of Washington Rome Center. Our Classrooms are currently located on two floors of the Palazzo Pio. The Palazzo Pio overlooks the small Piazza del Biscione and the larger Campo de’ Fiori.

The neighborhood of the campus is one of the richest areas of Rome’s “centro storico” (historic center). Within a short walking distance are some of the most well-known and best-loved of Rome’s many sites – including monuments, palazzi, churches, piazze, fountains and museums. You will immediately fall in love with this magical place and benefit from the traditional but also international environment.

Studying abroad is basically the same situation as studying in your hometown. You will stay in Rome for at least 1 year and this stunning, unique city will be your new home!

Lucky you!

Therefore you also need a proper home base where you can do your studies, store your personal belongings, invite friends, cook and feel comfortable even if you are thousands of miles away from your “real” home. Our students should feel relaxed, safe and satisfied to put all concentration on their studies. Therefore we are here to provide some helpful tips for student accommodation in Rome.

Student accommodation


1. Where to begin?

The beginning of every journey is always the toughest part, but no worries, once you start searching, your perfect home away from home won’t be too hard to find!

The magic word is long-term rent! As you don’t want to give up your new nest every couple of month, you need more than a vacation home or a double bed hotel room (this can be only a home for drunken Rockstars). The right accommodation for you is a long-term apartment!

Start to make a list with the most important key points related to your search.

For example:

  • Type of housing (private room, whole apartment, house with garden)
  • Price limit
  • Preferred district/area
  • Rental length

Using specific criteria’s will help you to optimize your search!

2. Real estate agencies

The classic way to find a student accommodation in Rome is using is on of the countless standard real estate agencies which you can find at every corner of the city. Real estate agencies have (some more, some less) a large pool of real estates, both furnished and unfurnished. Of course this service is not for free and they will charge a fee on top of the apartment rental fee in order find and apartment for you.

Maybe you know already a specific area where you want to live, this will make the search much easier.

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3. Online resources

Besides traditional agencies there are various online resources you can consult to find your student accommodation in Rome. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Spotahome follows a similar business model to online holiday rentals, but instead focuses on finding you a home for stays of a minimum of 30 days, dependent on city regulations. It’s a 100% online booking platform, offering an exhaustive list of apartments, rooms, studios, and student residences. With several languages to choose from, and apartments in cities all over the world, it’s definitely worth to give it a trial.
  • AirBnB has become one of number one platforms for short-term stays worldwide, but they also offer long-term apartments on their platform. Instead of copying travel sites like Expedia and Opodo, Airbnb takes a unique approach toward lodging. Part of the “sharing economy,” Airbnb offers you someone elses home (private rooms and whole apartments) as a place to stay, so it’s always a good idea to give them a go!
  • Porta Portese is a gigantic agency that has an online platform where people can advertise pretty much anything. From job opportunities to house and apartment rentals and purchases, you can find pretty much everything there! The downside of this website is that it’s only available in Italian, but don’t panic, just head on over to the “Immobiliare” section and fill out the required fields in the “Affitto-Subaffitto” section and you’ll find offers in no time! You can filter by price, location, number of rooms and any other requirements you may have.

4. Facebook

By joining diverse groups on Facebook, you can get easily in touch with both, hospitable locals and other foreign students. There are several groups with a focus on housing, for example:

“Rent in Rome” for example is a Facebook group for all those looking for renting apartments, rooms and houses in Rome. There are thousands of members posting apartment offers, both short-term and long-term, all around the Eternal City on a daily basis. It’s also a great place to find people that are willing to share an apartment with you.

“Affittasi Rome” is another public Facebook group to join for all those searching for apartment rentals and rooms but also for those wanting to rent out their property.

5. Check with other SSM students

No one knows your situation of searching a student accommodation in Rome better than students who already faced the same situation. SSM students as well as SSM Alumni’s welcome you and are supportive to new students. After putting you in contact with each other’s, you will get insider tips from first hand experiences.

6. Read the fine print

By renting a student accommodation in Rome, no matter via an agency or online, you are signing a legal contract! We strongly suggest you to always take the time and read the fine print. Maybe there are hidden fees, maybe the utility costs are not included, or the Wifi. Maybe you need to pay a deposit. Maybe there are no pets allowed but you cannot live without your Goldi, Fluffi or Spotty. There are a lot of things to consider, so first read everything and then sign the contact! Having an Italian native speaker on your side is always a plus-but not must.

A last well-intentioned advice

Searching the right student accommodation in Rome can be quite overwhelming, and even if the apartment of your dreams seems light-years away, don’t start panicking and doubting on your whole study-abroad plans. As you know, Rome hasn’t been built in 1 day and also finding the accommodation that is right for you sometimes needs more than one trial. You can always start your journey by booking a simple Hotel room for the first 1-2 weeks and then continue your accommodation research for your long-term rent conveniently from Rome. One benefit is, that once you arrived in Rome, you get a better impression of the various districts and maybe discovered already your favourite one. 

We are looking forward to welcome you soon!

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