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Study abroad programs


Imagine that an average economy class flight between Rome and Milan costs about 1.000 EUR-and there is only one flight per week!

Imagine you have no further communication options than writing a real letter- by hand, walk to the post office, buy a stamp and then cross your fingers, that your season’s greetings will reach its destination before the last snow has melted!

Imagine that you have to queue in a long line at a telephone booth, with a pocket full of coins, just to hear you moms or best friend’s voice for few moments!

Imagine you have to go to a travel agency every time you want to book a hotel room or a flight ticket!

Imagine a life without smartphone, colour TV, internet, social media and all other mass mediums!

If you think this is a weird story from a parallel universe or a new script for a fantasy movie, then please just ask your parents! Ask them how the world looked like back then, just a small time jump away. Maybe you are also in a senior age (like us) and you can remember those times easily on your own. Well, as if by a miracle-we survived it!!

We don’t have to tell you that we are living in fast moving world today. A world full of free emails, messengers, calls, apps and low costs airlines, where you can book a flight for less than a fast food restaurant meal. Everything is available at our fingertips and we are so used to it that we do not even think about it.

But this is not self-evident! It’s a privilege which is still not available for all of us on this planet. So, please stop taking it for granted and be grateful for this achievements you can benefit from.

In this well connected civilisation, full of franchise coffee companies, you can easily start to believe that there is no need to make the efforts for a study abroad program. Why should you spent time, money and energy for studying in another country, if you can order your Chinese food together with your Italian wine and the newest fashion from France online, without any foreign language skills, no shipping costs and conveniently delivered to your doorstep?

Why should you make efforts to give up all conveniences and leave the cosy nest? We will tell you why! Because the real world is more than what you see on your computer, smartphone or TV!

To get a real understanding of a foreign country, you have to go there IN PERSON! You have to get in contact with locals, you need to live there, you have to see, taste, listen and feel! You have to be one with the country. Once you have seen the stunning historical monuments Rome, the neon signs at Manhattans Times Square or the majestically Alps in Europe with your own eyes, you know what we mean.

Don’t forget the real world out there. It is the only one we have and full of wonders!

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Study abroad is way more than just sightseeing
. A study abroad program is a life changing experience! Besides the obvious fact that your academic track will be upgraded, a study abroad program will do much more for and with you:

  • Broaden your horizon
  • Enhance your language skills
  • Make new friends and international connections
  • Increase your career opportunities
  • It looks great on your CV
  • Study and learn differently
  • Gain independence
  • Learn more about yourself
  • Become spontaneous and adventurous
  • You’ll appreciate your home and family more

There is nothing to lose, but lots to win!

So go for it and be ready to get information’s about the various SSM study abroad programs!

The Swiss School of Management has the big benefit that it’s already based in one of the most fascinating cities of the wold. As the SSM has its campus in beautiful Rome, just a stone’s throw away from famous campo de fiori, it be a double benefit going from here to another amazing city during the program.

1. Summer Study abroad program

The SSM Summer Study Abroad program helps students to grow, achieve and become leaders in life and business. During six weeks, students will studying in Rome and then travel to Oxford University, England, to sharpen their critical thinking and writing skills.

Throughout the Rome course

Students will learn how to instantly become a fascinating communicator, how to control speech anxiety and learn the role and utility of business networking. Students will learn about historical Roman leaders and then explore Rome to see how and where they lived. Furthermore they will learn the theories of leadership and see it in action with the Entrepreneurship series. Students will also learn that goodness and profit do not have to be enemies.

Throughout the Oxford course (optional)

Students will pick the topic and an experienced member of the Oxford faculty will provide the reading materials and essay assignments. One-on-one meetings will occur once a week for critical analysis and discussion. Examine the history of the relationships between governments and their foreign policies. Study the history of international business and learn about the leaders who have shaped the modern world.

Download the BBA Program

2. The Bridge – Leadership study abroad

The Leadership Study Abroad Program offers a uniquely personalized approach to leadership training. This training, combined with the academic component, you will not find in other study abroad programs. The Study Abroad International Leadership Program is 5 to 89-day program in Rome, Italy. You can earn 15-18 academic credits (credits vary by academic institution).

The program offers core classes in leadership and our electives carry a theme of either Business & Communication Skills, Entrepreneurship or Law throughout. This program offers a compact and unified body of courses that will help the student acquire a deeper understanding of leadership, while highlighting some of the challenges arising from globalization. The academic experience of The Bridge – Leadership Study Abroad Program contributes to broadening the horizons of students, and enabling them to make judgments based on a deeper understanding of today’s world.

3. Dual and Capital MBA

The Swiss School of Management’s MBA Degree is awarded in collaboration with INSEEC Business School, whose MBA Degree is ranked among the best Programs worldwide. Further, the SSM MBA Degree is fully accredited by IACBE and the Department of Veterans Affairs in the USA. SSM is a quality certified school by EduQua, the Swiss Quality Certification label (accredited by the Swiss Federal Government) for Institutions of higher and continuous education. Located in the historic city center of Rome, our International accredited MBA Degree provides more mobility for your career.

The Dual - Master of Business Administration program is a well-rounded 2 years' International Program between Rome, Paris or London. Your journey will start in Rome, where you will be studying all core courses and specialize in Global Management and Leadership. Later you have the option to move either to Paris or London for another six months of school and eventually going for a paid internship. It is expected to submit a final project/thesis or business plan in order to graduate. At the end you will earn between 90 - 120 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System).

The Capital MBA program is similar to the Dual MBA. In the Capital MBA you have to change campus every six months (Rome, Paris, London) before you go for the final six months of internship. Otherwise, from an academic point of view, both MBAs are equally accredited and valuable.

To get further information about how an SSM study abroad program can also change your life, just use one of the great communication inventions of today and contact us any time!

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