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studying at an international business school 

If you are in the market for a good investment in your education, you probably are already aware that our world is becoming increasingly global and multicultural.

This is going to be one of the toughest choices you’ll be ever presented with: which kind of education should I pursue in order to acquire the necessary skill set required in a constantly changing world? How do I know whether my investment in time and resources will pay off once I graduate and am ready to enter the job market?

Employers nowadays require a deep knowledge of the international dynamics, a sound command of foreign languages, and a strong understanding of the global markets.

Companies, in the current global, multicultural world are facing a tough challenge: they need to open and integrate themselves in multiple markets, and they can only succeed by employing the right people, people who understand the global society we are living in.

It may not sound easy: but if you are reading this, you most likely know you can use some help to find your way and start along the right path.

Now, for the one million dollar question: why should you consider enrolling in an international business school among all the other alternatives?


The advantages of studying at an international business school

We started by saying that the world is being more and more globalized. This determines an increasingly demand for professionals who are able to get the grasp of it, to effectively work in and for it, people who know how this world works and will ultimately be able to adapt to the constant changes they will be faced with.

studying at an international business school


Why should I need all these skills?

Well, it’s easily explained: you will want to land a good job and make a wonderful career one day, else you wouldn’t be here, trying to find your way in the maze that Higher Education nowadays has become.

You need to be aware that firms, today, are getting more and more interconnected.

This connectedness means that working across countries is a necessity for most companies today, and those are the same that will hire you tomorrow.

The skill set you will acquire with an International Business School Degree is crucial if you even want to think of applying for a career in your future. But let’s start talking about jobs…


What jobs can I do with an International Business Studies Degree?

Well, lots of them.

After graduating from an International Business School, alumni are usually the first choice for local companies, since employers firstly look for high profile and skilled people, who know what’s out there and are capable of handling their job from different perspectives.

Keep in mind, that if you know how to deal with the incredibly diverse realms this world has to offer, you’ll always be a step ahead from those who are only used to the local customs. In addition to this, you might want, one day, to launch your career in exciting foreign markets: ever dreamt of yourself as an executive manager in New York? Europe? Maybe Singapore?

You are on the right way, then.

Let’s have a look to some of the jobs you will be prepared for, if you choose this path:

  • Logistic Manager. Firms that work cross borders need skilled managers in order to coordinate their supply and demand chains.
  • Management Analyst. The ability to determine the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities within a business, and from a global perspective, it is crucial to firms!
  • Banking Manager. A thorough knowledge of Financial tools, which an International Business School will provide, can also land you there.
  • Human Resources Manager. Dealing with human resources in a global and multicultural environment is a highly valued skill set to firms.
  • International accountant. Love accounting? You’ll master it, and be able to apply for such positions.

These are just a few examples out of the many opportunities you will have with such an academic degree.

After studying and understanding in depth the global dynamics of international trades, politics, finance and cultural diversities, you may find yourself ready to become an entrepreneur yourself, a leader for the new generations. The world will be in your hands.


So, what are the top 5 benefits of studying at an International Business School?

Ready to get the secret unveiled?

  1. The Global Perspective: you will understand the World, never to be scared of its changes anymore, ready to get advantage of them.
  2. A 360° Knowledge of Trade, Finance, Politics, Strategic Marketing, Global Business.
  3. The Multicultural Learning Environment: interacting and closely collaborating with international students, will lead to give you a unique set of skills of understanding the way of thinking and problem solving techniques of those people. This is where the magic starts.
  4. The Values of Leadership and Entrepreneurship, and how to become the next big thing, You.
  5. High Employability Rate: a good Business School creates the most wanted profiles for international Firms.


10 Celebrities Who Went to Business School

You Might not believe it, but many celebrities also chose to study International Business… Check them out:

  1. John Grisham, Mississippi State University
  2. Wanda Sykes, Hampton University
  3. Eddie Izzard, University of Sheffield
  4. Kevin Costner, California State University at Fullerton
  5. Mick Jagger, London School of Economics
  6. Cate Blanchett, University of Melbourne
  7. Ivanka Trump, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
  8. Lionel Richie, Tuskagee University
  9. Ray Romano, Queens College
  10. Benicio Del Toro, University of California

(source: topuniversities.com)


A first-hand experience of a former BBA student

“My experience in an International Business school has truly changed me. The School was a major catalyst in taking me see the world with different eyes and adapting a different approach to life. I could not say that my BBA has prepared me just academically, it was as well a life school. University most of the time means to be labeled with a number, read a ton of books and pass the exam, but not this one. Professors at SSM are truly passionate at what they are doing and not just they give you a personalised approach but they also share something that is not shared in university books, and that is life experience.”

“The BBA class also had an opportunity to have a joint course with the MBAs and they gave us to to read two well known books but which I had not read until then. The book taught us to spend money and balance our budget so that we spend more on assets than liabilities. For example, when you have some money saved and you decide to spend them, you should rather think on how to invest them, and that is spend let’s say on real estate or shares, instead of buying expensive clothing like a lot do. The goal is to be rich, not to look like you are”.

“I would also like to point out that professors helped us not just with academic work but also gave us advice when we had some private issues. They constantly stimulated us to be always on top of the pyramid and work for ourselves, of course, not immediately after we graduate, but the best solution is to work in the industry you are most interested in and then, with the acquired expertise start your own thing.”

studying at an international business school


If you choose to enroll in an International Business School, you might also find interesting that their alumni have one of the highest employment rates: a top International Business School will usually guarantee a Job Placement rate that varies from 86.1% to a wobbling 100%. (source: topuniversities.com)

This is just the tip of the iceberg: as you’ll find out, studying at an International Business School like the Swiss School of Management, is a magical experience, or definitely a life changing one. You will be blessed with an incredible amount of knowledge, experiencing diverse cultures, living exciting challenges and see new perspectives.

You will find yourself as a member of a global family. You will widen your horizons and help others finding their paths. You’ll see the world with different eyes. The same globalized and intimidating world, will slowly unfold before your eyes and get accessible.

You’ll be working hard to become a Leader, and not merely a bystander: if this new, global, multicultural, diverse world has something to offer, you need to be the first in line, ready to confront it and make it work for yourself.

What’s left to say? Good Luck!

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