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Types of business degrees

Boring, uninspired, lame!!!

This is what maybe sometimes people in your personal environment might say (or think), after you have informed them, that you intend to start a business program. Because many people are not aware about the wide range of different types of business degrees, they throw everything in one pot and generalize it. Also family discussions can end up in wild theories about this topic and as in every discussion, you have to come up with fundamental arguments to put your decision in the right light.

But before convincing other people you first have to figure out by yourself, why it will be definitely not boring or uninspired at all but a beneficial investment in your future.

Types of business degrees

Ready to take a look at some types of business degrees?

First, of all, let’s face the facts: actually it is pretty obvious. Take a look around your environment: your home, your car, your school. Nearly every item you see or own has an entire industry based around it, and each of those industries has multiple business functions within them. Because of this complexity, there is a huge variety in the different types of business degrees available to you.

Business degrees are typically understood to encompass a fairly wide group of programs, some highly specialized and others more interdisciplinary; some more academic and others primarily focused on practical professional development. You can categorize types of business degrees by level (i.e. undergraduate, graduate), and also by subject focus. Some of the areas of study likely to be covered by different types of business degrees, either directly or as supplementary elements.

With so many specializations within business degree programs, it can be a bit daunting when trying to decide which best fits your interests or career aspirations.

To help you decipher the diversity, we’re breaking down the most popular options so you can decide which best aligns with your interests and aspirations. To give you a well arranged overview, we picked out 5 types of business degrees you can pursue to illustrate the varieties.

1. Business management

Do you love the big picture?

There’s a lot to learn about managing a business or department. If you enjoy leadership roles, you’ll need solid communication, planning, and problem-solving skills. You should also like thinking about the big picture — not just about a whole company, but about how that company interacts with larger forces such as the economy. A business management degree will give you a solid comprehensive foundation in important business areas like accounting, sales, operations and organizational leadership. You’ll also be better equipped to manage and lead a team of people, which is beneficial if you have hopes of advancing your career into leadership positions. This program prepares students to organize, plan and control an organization’s activities.

Types of business degrees

With a degree in business management you can pursue a position like: Business development manager, Business analyst, project manager, supply chain manager and many more.

2. Accounting

Do you love numbers? Then this is made for you!

When studying accounting you will develop your understanding of generally accepted accounting principles, tax law, the process of managing financial documents and how it impacts business operations. The accounting field has several potential career paths and this degree will equip you to pursue different types of accounting, audit or tax-related positions within a variety of organizations.

Accounting is more than just bookkeeping — it’s learning how to report the financial activities of a business or an individual and discovering how to make sense of the numbers. Accountants learn the language of money, and they often translate that knowledge to provide their clients or business partners with valuable information.

Types of business degrees

With a degree in accounting you can pursue a position like: Financial analyst, management accountant, tax accountant, controller and many more.

3. Human resources

Do you love people?

Whether it’s helping employees with navigating benefits enrollment or helping secure the top talent needed for business growth, this field relies on impeccable interpersonal skills.

With a human resources (HR) degree, you will learn the skills necessary for managing business and labour practices in addition to learning about organizational development, resources planning and training. Coursework for an associate’s degree in human resources covers also personnel recruitment and evaluation, employee relations, staff training and development, employment law, business ethics and compensation and benefits.

Types of business degrees

With a degree in human resources you can pursue a position like: human resources clerk, HR assistant, recruiter, training and development coordinator, payroll specialist and many more.

4. Marketing

Do you love creativity?

Marketing is a dynamic field that combines both creative ability and analytical skills. By majoring in marketing, you’ll be focused on learning the fundamentals of areas such as market research, communication and marketing strategies. The marketing department of a business helps accomplish tasks such as product promotion or consumer research in order to achieve business goals like increasing sales, building brand awareness and improving customer retention.

Marketing majors learn how to create and sell new products and services in ways that will build a large and loyal group of customers. The right marketing plan ensures that businesspeople make the most profit from their products. And it helps consumers find what they want at the price they need.

Types of business degrees

With a degree in marketing you can pursue a position like: advertising manager, media planner, media buyer, social media manager, market researcher and many more.

5. Economics

Do you love analyzing?

If you choose to study economics, you can expect to learn about economic principles and theory, including the use of math and data analysis. Economics is the social science that focuses on goods and services, aka their production, distribution, and consumption. An economics degree can help prepare you for analyzing and forecasting economic trends in order to improve business operations and performance.

Types of business degrees

With a degree in economics you can pursue a position like: economic consultant, market research analyst, financial analyst, management consultant and many more.

So, if this selection promises no rosy future prospects, then what?

And remember, this was just a slice of possibilities. Each type of business degree in one of the many available business majors can offer limitless opportunities. You’ll be prepared to work in a variety of settings in business, government, non-profit organizations and more. Whatever your interests, a major in one of the following areas will give you the knowledge and skills to work in a setting or industry that is right for you.

Now that you have a better understanding of the different types of business degrees and the career opportunities associated with each, it’s time for you to do some self- evaluation.

Do any of the specializations above match your skills and interests? Great! Because you will be much better and more successful in doing things that you like and learning will not bother you at all!

You see, next time if someone is asking you about your future plans, you can proudly swell your breast and shout it out from the rooftops, that you are taking the future in your own hands by choosing one of these great programs.

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